Install Guide

Note: You are strongly advised to read the AOKP Progress, guides on this site and these instructions carefully before proceeding. AOKP for Epic is provided with no warranty. You are installing this software at your own risk. You may be violating your warranty. We are not affiliated with Sprint or Samsung.


ClockworkMod 5


  • JellyBean
    • Build 4 -  [1]
      • MD5 Sum: ff38472a1fb4086e30e3f1c044cb9514
  • ICS
    • Milestone 6 - [1]
  • GApps 
    • Always flash the newest at the time you flash the ROM for the best experience.

Clean Install:

  • Make a backup, please...
  • Wipe cache, dalvik, data/factory reset in recovery
  • Format /system in mounts and storage
  • Flash ROM
  • Flash Gapps
  • Reboot

Dirty Install:

  • Make a backup, please...
  • Wipe cache, dalvik
  • Flash ROM
  • Flash Gapps
  • Reboot
If you experience issues, try a clean install, test for repeat symptom.
If that symptom is still there, then its a problem with the ROM and you should report that here.
If not, its a problem with the "crap" you have installed or it cannot be flashed dirty.
Bugs will not be accepted until you run a clean install.


  1. I have the previous build. Will I have to re flash through recovery or will I get an OTA update?

  2. You will have to reflash through recovery.

  3. I'm on CM9. Do I have to do a clean install?

  4. I have build 31 (I believe). I haven't ever upgraded ROMs, just switched from them, so will I loose my apps?

  5. I am having difficulty installing the build 36. The file crashes (using cwm-rogue) in the beginning. I am using a clean install. I have deleted and re-downloaded both links without luck. Any suggestions?

  6. I have the epic 4 and is trying to install the latest version of ics. I have ics 4.0.4 alpha and trying to get beta 3. I was checking the online they said Ican download it and install it is not working. How do install cm 9 beta 3 on samsung epic 4g da slide keyboard one

  7. How do you install the v6 supercharger
    Samsung epic 4g
    running milestone 6,

  8. Dear epic team thank you for your hard work and dedication. i love you all for this amazing port. honestly hands down best ics rom EVER!!!
    dear ray, yes
    dear nate, tecnicaly no, but it would be a good idea to flash clean, wipe everything but sd card and install
    dear dave, this is mile ston 6 not buil 36
    dear joey, your on the right page scroll up and then read... your welcome
    dear nick, flash the v6 script in your recovery, be it cwm or twr, then wipe delvik ( v6 drains batt life, i honestly dont mind a slower phone that actually gets 9 or 10 hours vs a "slightly" fastr phone at 6 or 7 hours)

    hopefully this clears things up a slight amount

  9. I would like a way to donate, but Idont have much moneu. What do I do have is servers. Email me if you're interested, I have dedicated and shared options available . I love aokp and cm and the fact that you guys haven't given up on the epic4g. That you guys

  10. Also a quick note about the jb rom

    You will notice a reboot as soon as you start the update, just reboot to recovery when its done and complete the install. This is to patition for JB.

    Also, nandroid before you start it, the only ways to revert back is to odin the original partitioning scheme or restore a backup