Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AOKP Build 38 for Epic 4G now available!

Team Epic is proud to announce the release of AOKP Build 38 for the Samsung Epic 4G. Please follow us on 
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Tour of AOKP on Samsung Epic 4G

    Changelog of AOKP Build 38 (see previous)
    • The capacitive key toggle is not yet added. You may see epic parts, but you will not be able to toggle it yet. I have to re-write some of the extension they used.
    • I don't like the new boot screen they put in. It appears to hang and stick at points. For those who disable it, thumbs up for you.
    • You may have a force close of ROM Control if just reflashing over top of the previous version. Just reboot, all should be well.
    • I am considering adding ShadowKernel in as the default kernel for these builds. Leave your feedback here, forums, or social media sites.
    • More AOKP Changeshere.
    Support AOKP Epic 4G!
      See the Features page for more details. Then proceed to the AOKP Install Guide.  Please check if your bugs are already filed in the AOKP Epic Issue Tracker.


      1. shadow kernel = yes vote from me

      2. Please put Shadow Kernel in as the default Kernel, along with the option to download the Rom with the more stable kernel.

      3. ive been using shadow for awhile and thought it was great except the green voodoo color flash. after flashing b38 im back to stock kernel. having the option for the stock kernel would be nice. everyone already has the option to flash shadow or nyan on.

      4. Hello! Thanks for the great work. I do not recommend the use of shadow kernel. If you need someone, let them use it, and by default, let it be stock. Again: please do not use other people's kernels. tnx

      5. I flashed Shadow Kernel on B37 and I got the Green Flash problem and no noticeable performance improvement. At this time I would recommend against Shadow kernel as the default, but you could definitely link to it along with the other download files, and explicitly mark it as optional.

      6. +2 ethos. I don't have any problems with shadow and always flash either it or nyan with aokp, but the beauty of these ROMs is having a choice. A link would be great (tho its pretty easy to get it without one) that way users have a choice in the matter.