Sunday, June 24, 2012

AOKP Build 40 for Epic 4G now available!

Team Epic is proud to announce the release of AOKP Build 40 for the Samsung Epic 4G. Please follow us on Google+Facebook for the latest news.

Tour of AOKP on Samsung Epic 4G

    Changelog of AOKP Build 40 (see previous)
    • The capacitive key toggle is not yet added. You may see epic parts, but you will not be able to toggle it yet. I have to re-write some of the extension they used. It is my list of things to do before Mid-July.
    • No other device specific changes. Check the AOKP change log.
    Going Forward
    • Speaking as such, as some of you might have read, I am switching over to the SGS3 working with CM9 come Mid-July
      • My plan is to have all the ducks in a row for AOKP to build for this device and take over for me.
      • If they wish to not support/build for you all, my current Epic is going to my fiance. So I am not gone forever.
    • Also, this will probably be my last build for you all as I am transitioning into making this an AOKP supported device. 
    • Check you all in the future. Good luck in all you do.
    Support AOKP Epic 4G!
    • Thank you all for your donations. We didn't get many, but we got a few. Thank you so much to all who had the extra funding to donate to my work. I was able to put a small dent into the plans I had with the money.
      See the Features page for more details. Then proceed to the AOKP Install Guide.  Please check if your bugs are already filed in the AOKP Epic Issue Tracker.


      1. Love the ROM, save for one thing:

        A persistent notification that I have two voicemails.

        I tried flashing the fix, wiping everything possible while fixing permissions, nada. Toggling the "Voicemail Wait Indicator" (someone mentioned this on XDA) didn't do the trick either.

        Anything I'm missing? After three days, it's driving me nuts and I'm ready to flash to a GB-based ROM and take a crack at AOKP's next relase.

      2. Pls build the Milestone 6 too :)